Foam Tray


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ColourMeasurementCarton Packaging
T4Black127 x 127 x 18cm1000
T4White127 x 127 x 18cm1000
T10Black211 x 142 x 23cm1000
T10White211 x 142 x 23cm1000
T11Black278 x 197 x 25cm500
T11White278 x 197 x 25cm500
T13Black248 x 136 x 18cm1000
T13White248 x 136 x 18cm1000
T30ABlack260 x 200 x 37cm500
T30AWhite260 x 200 x 37cm500
T35ABlack199 x 145 x 38cm1000
T35AWhite199 x 145 x 38cm1000
610Black254 x 155 x 15cm500
610White254 x 155 x 15cm500
T75Black180 x 125 x 17cm1000
T75White180 x 125 x 17cm1000
810Black 254 x 203 x 17cm500
810White 254 x 203 x 17cm500
T86DBlack203 x 152 x 31cm500
T86DWhite203 x 152 x 31cm500
T9White288 x 97 x 22cm1000
T95Black229 x 125 x 15cm1000
T95White229 x 125 x 15cm1000
T97DSWhite231 x 180 x 25CM500
T119ABlack280 x 225 x 29CM500
T119AWhite280 x 225 x 29CM500
T114Black366 x 289 x 29CM200
T114White366 x 289 x 29CM200

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