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VolumeMeasurementLid TypeCarton
Dome150 Set
DC878(Black,White,Clear)220x160x45mmDome150 Set
DC888(Black,White,Clear)220x160x53mmDome150 Set
SK868(Clear)Top 220x150mm, Bottom 180x110mm, Height 40mmDome300 Set
SK888(Clear)Top 220x150mm, Bottom 175x104mm, Height 55mmDome300 Set
850ml(Clear)Top 226x148mm, Bottom 190x140mm, Height 32mmFlat or Dome300 Set
1000ml(Clear) (900)Top 226x148mm, Bottom 182x106mm, Height 45mmFlat or Dome300 Set
M950+M300(Clear)Top 170x120mm, Bottom 138x85mm, Height 85mmFlat or Dome500 Set

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