Food Packaging Specialist

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For the past 20 years, One Stop Pak has been servicing the food hospitality industry with innovative and clever products. This is still our focus and determination as we continue to work with our international manufactures to develop and improve products that suit our local markets.

We have a wide and diverse range of packaging products.  This ranges from bio-degradable items (made from plant, sugarcane and corn starch) to paper, plastic, polystyrene. Our food containers, cups, plates, bowls, food trays, cutlery, bags, napkins, wrapping materials and washroom supplies are of the finest quality, durable and leakproof.  

One Stop Pak focuses on supporting NZ businesses with the best product solutions at affordable pricing.  With over 8,000+ customers in a diverse range of industries from hospitality to food retailers, skincare manufacturers to  distributors, we have packaging solutions to fit all.

To go a step further we assist businesses to incorporate their image and branding through printing solutions on all packaging materials. 

We are committed to providing a simple one stop experience to save our customers and distributors time and money.  Our friendly and knowledgeable team are ready to assist with your food packaging or other packaging needs.

Please contact us with any product or pricing queries.